Saturday, October 18, 2008

XB360 suggestion and weekend planning

Ok, so I think we're all doing our own things this weekend. My time is limited this weekend, so no hosting for me, as you might have guessed. Hopefully, we're all getting things taken care of so we can play next weekend (or Monday evening). So I'll go ahead and offer to host next weekend (the 25th). Clear your schedule. (Texas game at 2:30pm).

Now that I've made this gaming-related, let me throw this in for my XB360 friends. I'm playing Dead Space and it's fantastic. Now, we all like different types of games, and I think the fact that XB360 caters to so many different tastes is great. But if anyone likes story-based first-person shooters like Bioshock, this game is easily on the same level. (Yes, I know Dead Space is actually third-person, but it plays like a FPS.) Disclaimer- it's not for the little kiddies at all.

The reason I bring this up is that there is a free downloadable Elite Suit on the XBox Marketplace that really improves the game by lifting the restrictive inventory limit. But it's free only for a limited time. So if you think you might ever play this game, download it now. It's a tiny download, and it can sit on your HD forever until you get the game, even if it's months from now. Like I said, it makes the game a lot better without breaking it; in fact, it unbreaks it, as I think the inventory restriction with the original suit makes that part of the game just painful.

When I downloaded it, I was surprised how much more enjoyable the game became. So I wanted to get the word out, and this seemed the best way to do it.
Finally, the XB360 upcoming schedule:
10/19- RB2 Bundle (finally!)
10/21 Fable 2
10/21 Far Cry 2
10/28 Fallout 3
11/7 Gears of War 2
11/11 Call of Duty: World at War (online 4-player co-op campaign!)

Good times.


At 12:45 PM, October 18, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

Fallout 3 is a must buy for me, but I'm thinking more about Dead Space based on your advice. Heck, I still need to play Bioshock, so maybe I'll play that first, then get Dead Space when its $20 cheaper in the Spring. In the meantime, I'll DL the suit. Did you buy the 200 point suit as well?

In other news, it looks like all the new Memoir stuff and the BattleLore Troll has arrived at Thought Hammer.

The new Cosmic Encounter is slated for a Nov/Dec release, and includes 50 aliens. Its in my shopping cart now...

I'm very happy to have traded away my Essen '07 Galaxy Trucker, as it is apparently incompatible with the new expansion. If you're at Essen '08 you get a compatibility upgrade kit. Otherwise...

At 10:40 PM, October 18, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

Speaking of XBOX stuff:

I've heard some excellent things about Braid.

It is a bit pricey for an XBLA game (15 bucks). I will probably give it a whirl and will let you guys know.

At 2:02 AM, October 19, 2008, Blogger Michael said...


Braid is interesting.

Time manipulation platformer/puzzle game. I'm not too far in it but so far I think it was worth the download (1200 points ~ 15 bucks unless you got the cheap amazon points in which case 12 bucks).

Next time we get together at someone's house and my xbox is there, you could try it out.

At 8:33 AM, October 19, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

One more thing: For those people who are interested in getting in with the equivalent of an 20GB system, if I am understanding this correctly, owners of Arcade systems (the HDDless gimpy systems) qualify for the "memory upgrade program" here:

In this program you can receive a free 512MB memory card or buy a 20GB HD for $20.

If all my information is correct, that means you could be up and running with the equivalent of a 20GB system for 199 (XBOX arcade) + 20 (HDD). 219 total for the same system Steve has essentially.

Admittedly 20GB is not going to last you long if you get alot of DLC stuff, but it will get you running on Xbox live.

Honestly, given that I was considering buying an XBOX for my parents for Christmas, this might be the route I take. I can't imagine that there will be a huge difference for them between 20 and 60GB.

At 8:34 AM, October 19, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

Oh, and Jon, I already checked. If you have a pro or elite, you can't qualify for the free memory card.

That would have been worth it. I like free things.

At 12:42 PM, October 19, 2008, Blogger Ben said...

The November 19 mega-upgrade is almost here... I wonder if I can add antlers to my avatar.

I think various folks in the group have already completed Braid. The whole time continuum thing just made my head hurt.

At 4:56 PM, October 19, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

I guess thats what I get...
for letting myself have tunnel vision about Rock Band.

Dang I just lost 3 million fans.


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