Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saturday Planning

I've got some good news. And some bad news.

Bad news is I can't host this Saturday. I'm working 24 hours in a row (7am Friday to 7am Saturday), and I know all I'm going to want to do when I get home is sleep. Go figure. And Rock Band in the next room is not so conducive to sleep.

(Chances are actually pretty good that I might wake back up after a 2-3 hour nap and join in gaming if it was going on elsewhere, but I can't be sure ahead of time.)


This Monday is a holiday (President's Day, right?) and I've got the whole day off (the aforementioned good news--for me, at least), so I might be able to host some early gaming on Monday or meet people at DL a little earlier than the usual 5pm. I know I'm committing the heresy of discussing two gaming days in one planning post, but I figured I'd see what everyone else is up to.

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At 10:31 PM, February 14, 2008, Blogger Schifani said...

I can play all day Saturday and Monday.

Next week I work 11-2:30 from Tuesday through Sunday. Michael, if you are up for a Rock Band session on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, maybe Jon, myself, and any other die hards might try another 3-4 hour session in the afternoon?

If Ben can play, I'll certainly seek another shot at Hannibal.

At 11:24 PM, February 14, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

Well, if we still want to rock on Saturday, maybe we can find an alternate location.

I finished the expert solo tour for vocals today which I had been meaning to do last week but got sick so couldn't do that at all.

It isn't as easy as I thought it would be and there will definitely be some songs we need to be careful on with regards to me when we go for endless song list on expert.

Luckily, for the most part those songs don't overlap the bad guitar songs.

I still need to test out the 13 bonus tour songs as the main tour is only 45 of the 58 songs.

At 6:44 PM, February 15, 2008, Blogger scott said...

i am a maybe for Saturday and a no for monday

At 1:35 AM, February 16, 2008, Blogger Dennis Ugolini said...

I am a last-minute out for Saturday. Trinity hosted a College Bowl quiz tournament today, and I thought it would be fun to participate. Damn thing ran until 1am. Warrior needs sleep, badly.

Also out for Monday until evening -- not a day off for me.

At 2:14 AM, February 16, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

Say it ain't so

At 2:15 AM, February 16, 2008, Blogger Michael said...

Speaking of which there will be more Weezer DLC on tuesday allegedly.

Mmmm....easy songs.

At 2:54 AM, February 16, 2008, Blogger Chris said...

So sad...don't tell me I killed the gaming. Nooooooooo...

(Yes, I'm up at 2:50am at work...good times.)

Great. Now all that leaves me is being productive this weekend. Shudder.

Okay. I'll be at DL then, most likely Monday at the usual 5pm or so. I'm sure we'll put a planning post up sometime on Sunday.


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