Friday, August 04, 2006

SABG Wargamers: Message from Headquarters

Dear potential SABG wargame players:

We've learned from hard experience some keys to a successful night of wargaming are:
  1. Commit to and schedule playing the game in advance
  2. Read and have general familiarity with the rules to the game in advance
  3. Come well fed so your brain doesn't fry
  4. Don't leave your buddies behind!
These games are complicated, take a long time to play, and represent a harder-core type of gaming hobby experience than eurogames, where you can just show up and play. Fewer different games get played, but the games that do get played are deep, rich, and engaging. We're very lucky to even have to possibility of having a small wargaming subgroup locally, so hopefully we can work together to keep it going.

Currently, we have three players who seem to be regularly interested in playing and scheduling wargames: Ted, Rob, and me. Three is a tough number, since because most (with a few good exceptions) wargames are 2-player, so this makes achieving the last bullet a tough one. We really need at least a fourth player to join us so we don't end up leaving one person out each week.

So, who wants to be player number four (or even four, five, and six; but, I'm not greedy) for Monday?


At 10:26 PM, August 04, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

Man, I was standing right where this picture was taken yesterday... it was something like 105 degrees!

At 1:54 AM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Mark said...

Sign me up. Sent an email to your gmail account.

At 3:17 AM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Simon said...

I like wargames...Well, certain ones anyway (of the medium-to-short variety). I'd be interested in a Napoleonic battle via Marengo or a squad battle ala LnL. Depends on the game.

Games are good.

At 9:39 AM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

Looks like I'm not the only insomniac. Went to sleep last night at 1:30am.

Sleep is good

At 4:16 PM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Simon said...

Sleep is overrated.

Plus, I've heard you can do when you're dead.

At 6:24 PM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

Ergo, death is good? or is it overrated....

BTW, Shifting Sands rocks.

At 10:49 PM, August 05, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

Session report for 7 ages?

Anyone? Bewler?

At 10:19 AM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

The key to learning Shifting Sands (and I believe Paths of Glory) I think will be all the little special case rules dealing with the Near East, East Africa, and Iraq. The rest of the game seems pretty straightforward. I think we'll have to keep the rulebook handy when dealing with redeployments and activation in those areas, but I expect this will all be second nature after a playing or two.

At 2:53 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Carlos Pena said...

The session of 7 Ages was a good one. Two of us had never played the game (Mark and myself) and we needed a little crash course in the rules and mechanics. We played from about 10:30 am to 4:00 pm.

I enjoyed the game, but I had a few paradigms that I had to break. In short, instead of taking the helm of a particular empire, you are more of a guiding force over one to three emipres. Your empires will rise and fall and you are judged on how well you managed what you were given. I would like to play again.

At 7:40 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Ted Kostek said...

I hope we are able to get the same title back to table a few times in a row before bringing in new games.

Game "systems" (card driven, blocks, etc) help by using similar mechanics. Still, tanks in the desert need different rules than Indians in the forest.

Ultimately, the only way to learn anything is practice and repetition.

Repeated playing of wargames. Sweeter words have rarely been spoken...

At 9:14 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

LOL.... the problem is, Ben and I both just got this cool-and-somewhat-hyped wargame, and we just HAD to take it for a spin. Trust me, with the HOURS I've put this weekend to learning this game, I'm not working on a new one for some time. I'm actually appreciating my Columbia Games collection even more with their 6-10 page rulebooks.

Again, I couldn't agree more with your wise words. Case in point: I came to really really like Crusader Rex with all the continuous playing for the playtesting. The rules where "gelled" in my head becoming second nature, so I was able to just focus on getting a better sense of the flow of the game and of course coming up with new strategies.

At 10:28 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

There are three games I'm focused on for the near future: Wilderness War, Shifting Sands, and Pacific Victory.... oh, and Twilight Struggle if we get the tournament going again... oh, and Axis and Allies if we get the PBEM thing going... oh, and War of the Ring.... I'll stop right there.

At 11:06 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Carlos Pena said...

Has anyone ever tried a game called Totaler Krieg? Have heard that it is excellent, but is out of print. I have been tempted to try ebay.

BTW, I would love to check out War of the Ring sometime.

At 11:27 PM, August 06, 2006, Blogger Brian said...

I'm up for playing Wilderness War again (fairly soon, I just re-read most of the rules), PoG, etc. Sword of Rome in a bit. I don't know about tomorrow, but I'd probably be willing to commit to a wargame every other week or so.

(I'd saw Shifting Sands, but the rulebook isn't online.)

And that doesn't count the fast ones, like War of the Ring. (Although I need to get up a game with the expansion).

At 12:45 PM, August 07, 2006, Blogger Mark said...

Ben/Ted - I'm with you on limiting the number of wargames played for now and your choices.

Carlos - I own a copy of Totalier Krieg! - never played. My schedule is pretty tight right now and see above. If a window of opportunity opens up I would be happy to play-it's a 2 player game.


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