Monday, July 03, 2006

What a day at the races! Session Report from 3 Jul 2006

In addition to playing 7 Ages in a parallel universe, I was able to play five fantastic games today thanks to the fantastic fellowship of Chad, Jon, and Jeff.

For starters, thinking it was going to just be the two of us, Jon busted out the new Memoir '44 Pacific expansion. He quickly explained the rules, and we began setting up. Just as I realized Jon had cleverly picked the Wake Island invasion scenario (a.k.a. the Alamo of the Pacific) with me playing the unfortunate USMC defenders, Chad showed up to join the party.

So, we switched to 3-player Warrior Knights. I upped the victory pool to 12 influence per person and the game felt just about right. If playing with people who know the game, I think I'd go ahead and up it to the full 15. Jon and Chad were up and running by the end of the first turn, and the game was a close fight the whole way. Unfortunately, I learned a valuable lesson about guarding your stronghold during this game. As we entered the last turn, I was ahead by a victory point or two and looked like I was going to pull it out. Just then, the master of all backstabbers Jon assaulted my home castle and sacked it, making me forego victory points for the turn and forfeit a city to Baron Jon as ransom! Argh!! I quickly sailed downward to a comfortable third place with the evil laughter ringing in my ears.

Next up was Knizia's Samurai. I'd call this one Tigris and Euphrates light, and I enjoyed it very much! Jon explained the rules quickly and thoroughly. I'm not sure I completely followed the scoring rules until the very end, but I somehow managed to squeak out a victory. Payback!

Next, Jon had to leave, so Chad and I busted out Nexus Ops. This sucker has been sitting in my closet for1.5 years, so I wanted to get it to the table. Wow, what fun!! Although we were only playing a two player game (and the game plays 2-6), I really had a blast fighting Chad across the alien planet surface. If you can imagine Twilight Imperium 3 with only the combat and secret objectives (using space monster units instead of ships), then you'd have a good concept of the game. There's a powerful center hex you fight over, producing units from your HQ hexes in the rear and sending them across the player constructed hex map to fight the other player(s). We completed the game in under an hour, with Chad beating me 12-10, but I really got lucky with my last couple of points.

Next, Jeff appeared and we played Mykerinos, a game I had not heard of until today. It's by the same guys who produced Caylus. I'll let Chad explain it, but the game involves archeologists looking for treasure in Egypt, courting favor with rich patrons who offer special bonus powers, then vying for ideal placement of treasures in the royal museum. Pasted on theme? Perhaps, but a good, deep, solid eurogame that kept me engaged. Chad seemed like he was totally killing us, but Jeff almost pulled out the win!

Next, one of my favorites of the day was Winner's Circle. Jeff, Chad, and I placed wagers on the nags, cheered them on, and flung our tickets in the air as we cursed their onery hides! Chad astutely managed his herd through three high addrenalin races to win the big bucks and carry the day. What a great, fun game.


At 3:52 PM, July 05, 2006, Blogger Rob said...

Just dropping a quick line to say hola from Spain!

At 9:27 PM, July 06, 2006, Blogger Ben said...

Hope you're having a great time! We're looking forward to the official return of Rob.

At 7:17 PM, July 08, 2006, Blogger Brian said...

The Rob,
in Spain,
stays Main-,
-ly in,
the Plains.


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